Our aim is to build a sustainable creative community underpinned by equality, inclusion & acceptance


One of our key aims is to make the festival as sustainable as possible across all areas. This means at an organisational level we are trying to source everything we use at the festival as locally as possible, using ethical suppliers where we can and buying items that can be re-used for future events but there are things we need your help with:

– The Land

To be able to do this again in the future, we need to ensure the fields are as beautiful throughout and after the festival as they are the rest of the year, and to leave them as pristine as you found them. Please only bring with you what you need, making sure to take everything take home with you afterwards, and generally please look after the fields like you would your own home and garden.

If in doubt, here are a few golden rules:
– Do not piss on the land – please only use the toilets provided, NOT the trees/grass
– Do not litter (inc. cigarette butts)
– Do not enter any areas that are off-limits or not part of the festival
– Do not damage any structures, whether natural or man-made.

If you see people doing any of the above, please politely encourage them not to, as long as you feel safe and secure in doing so.

If you see any discarded litter, please do the right thing and dispose of it appropriately – even if it’s not yours.

Cigarette butts are the most common type of litter on earth, with an estimated 4.5 trillion discarded annually. They are hazardous to the environment, as the majority of the filter is made from a plastic polymer that can take up to 10 years to decompose and even then they release trace amounts of toxic elements, such as arsenic, lead & cadmium (absorbed from the tobacco smoke) – they belong in a bin, not on the grass.

We will be making it extremely obvious – both before and during the festival – what types of rubbish can go in which bins, so please adhere to these rules.

– The Group

One of our core goals is to create an event that is not merely entertaining but also something people will want to get involved with, contribute to and return to again and again. To that end, we encourage you all to look out for each other, to be respectful, kind and treat everyone the way you would want to be treated yourself.

If you see someone looking unwell, upset or just a bit lost, go say hi, check in on how they are and see if there is anything you can do to help them, but be aware that not everyone is up for conversation at all times, so if they ask to be left alone please respect that. If you still feel the person requires help but they have asked to be left alone, please alert a member of festival staff.

– The Person

You are a finite resource! Look after yourself.

Multi-day events are more of a marathon than a sprint. Pace yourself, know your limits and be aware of your own physical and mental wellbeing. Please remember to eat, and drink enough water – bottles can be refilled at standpoints on site and these will be clearly marked.

If you are feeling unwell, or if you or anyone else you are with requires assistance, please make your way to the welfare tent if possible, or alert a member of festival staff if not.

Creative Community

Be inspired, participate, share your knowledge & ideas:

We see Up//Side\\Down to be more than a place of entertainment to be passively consumed and we want people to get inspired and get involved. The core festival team are part of a community that has grown beyond the festivals at which we first met into lifelong friendships, and we are hoping to build a community that survives and thrives beyond the days we spend in a field.

The festival site will be centred around a community hub, which we encourage all festival-goers to use as a place to gather and share stories, ideas and skills. We are aiming to plan some activities and workshops but we also encourage spontaneity!

If anything around the festival gets your brains whirring, get stuck in. Equally, if you have skills, knowledge or ideas that could help to make the festival a better experience for all then get in touch.

Equality, Inclusion, Acceptance

Equality of representation is very important to us. The Festival Board is 50% female and it is our intention from Day 1 to reflect that balance across the festival staff and artists. We know that representation is about more than women, and we would encourage people from marginalised groups who are interested in being involved in the festival in any aspect to please get in touch.

We all have a part to play to make the festival as welcoming as it can be, and allowing everyone to be themselves without judgement. Please be aware of the impact that your words or actions can have on other people; something you may feel is totally acceptable isn’t necessarily the case for everyone.

We want Up//Side\\Down to be a place where everyone can feel safe. If you have any concerns about any of the artists we have booked, please contact us if you feel able to (or ask someone you trust to contact us on your behalf if you would prefer). We promise to take your concerns seriously, we will keep your identity confidential and we will not make any public statements without your explicit consent or take any actions you do not want us to take.

If you experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable, suspicious, or concerned for your welfare or the welfare of anyone else, please let one of our staff know.

– Accessibility

It is very important to us that all aspects of the festival are accessible to everyone, and this is playing a big part in our event planning. If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch with us so we can discuss how we can accommodate them.